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How it works

Our Health Tech SaaS SDK makes it easy for you to integrate with multiple fitness data sources and collect user data in a standardized format. The three steps required to integrate are as follows:

Registering your app

To get started, you'll need to register your app and generate a unique API key from our admin dashboard. This key will allow you to authenticate your app and securely access user data.

During registration, you'll also specify a webhook URL where we'll send the collected data. This URL will be used by our SDK to transmit user data to your server in real-time.

Integrating Mobile SDK

We provide SDKs for all major mobile app development frameworks, including React Native, Android, and iOS. Once you've registered your app and generated an API key, you can download and install the SDK that matches your development environment.

Our SDK provides a component/widget that you can easily embed in your mobile app. This component takes care of state management, connection and disconnection logic, and even shows the last sync time to end-users. The SDK will handle the details of authentication, access grants, and data collection, so you can focus on building your application.

The SDK allows your app to connect to various data sources such as Google Fit, Apple Healthkit, Strava, Fitbit, and more. The SDK handles the authorization and access grants necessary to access user data from these sources, so you don't have to worry about these details.

Receiving data

Once the SDK is integrated into your app and the user has permitted it to access their data, the SDK starts collecting data from the various enabled data sources. We collect data from these sources, clean it, and unify it in a standardized data format.

The collected data is then sent to the webhook URL specified during registration in real-time. All data is anonymized before being sent, and we don't store any user data on our servers. You can use the data received at your server to build your application and provide valuable insights to your end-users.